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Hoffman high-pressure washers

Build for power and performance

Powerfull blasts of cold water that can be used for cleaning:

  • In construction - cement trucks, concrete mixers, farm work and paving
  • In industrial and agricultural - roofs, gutters, floors, tractors, dairies, stables, wineries and packing areas
  • In transport - trucks, containers, buses, boats, yachts and marine areas

A. Performance-proven HOFFMANN petrol or diesel-driven units 9single & three-phase electric motor-driven options)
B. Quick connect nozzles and a full range of spare parts available.
C. Professional trigger gun with safety lock.
D. Gun, lance and hose assembly.
E. 10-metre high-pressure hose with fitted quick-couplers.
F. Pneumatic wheels with fi tted bearings.

Ideal for farm use

Making small work of cleaning out large floor areas

Cleaning large stall area

Improve overall production by speeding up the tedious tasks of cleaning large stall areas.

Using a small diesel driven high pressure cleaner that is easy to use and very flexible where it can be used.

Plant hire, service companies and building restoration

Achieve a maximum cleaning effect

The advantage of the high pressure cleaners is that the cleaning is accurate, efficient and economical. Both cold water and hot water high pressure cleaners are available, and the pressurized system results in a massive saving of water consumption.

Low Maintenance

Low replacement prices

The HOFFMANN range of high-pressure washers are made to last however, if the need for replacement parts arises, you can obtain these at very affordable prices.

It is important to note that nozzles and parts are model specifi c and are not interchangeable.

transport and marine

Cleaning of boats,yachts, marine areas, trucks and busses

Some of these surfaces may require hours upon hours of strenuous and/or tedious work.

Use our range of HOFFMANN washers to clean trucks, containers, buses, boats, yachts and marine areas.

Hoffmann Accredited Dealer List

ADCON (Namibia)
AutoZone Standerton (Mpumalanga)
Blueberry Curve (Gauteng)
Bosvreter B.K (North West)
Builders Equipment (Kwa Zulu Natal)
Compact Hire CC (North West)
Concrete Works (Gauteng)
CPR Maintenance (Bloemfontein)
Deltool (Gauteng)
Hire-it Natal (Kwa Zulu Natal)
Ideal Agencies (Western Cape)
Industrial and Chainsaw CC (Kwa Zulu Natal )
Liquid Deals (Botswana)
Machinery Mart (Kwa Zulu Natal)
Malalane Midas (Mpumalanga)
Mayday (Johannesburg)
Meyer Electrical (Mpumalanga)
Mowland CC (Mpumalanga)
Pumptec (Gauteng)
Techtool (Swaziland)
Tuinroete Grassnyers (Southern Cape)
Walker Midas (Northern Cape)
Wenbro (Limpopo)
ZEDMining (Zambia)